About TotalParts

At TotalParts you will find the combined stock of used and new parts of the participating companies. TotalParts tries to facilitate as much information as possible about these vheicle parts.

The parts shown are actually in stock and normally available for direct delivery. Price-, delivery- and warranty agreements are made directly with the supplier and TotalParts is not a party to the sales agreement.

TotalParts has no influence on the quality and/or availability of the offered stock parts and therefor not able to mediate in a dispute with suppliers. We do like to learn through email if agreements are not met.

Parts that cannot be found in the published stock, can be available with the suppliers. Check the list of participating companies for a suitable supplier.

TotalParts is an initiative of Promasy b.v., software supplier for the vehicle(recycling) industry.

For more damaged and disassembly vehicles we like to refer you to

How does it work?

By choosing Make - Model - Type a selection can be made. This can also be done by typing the keywords directly in the search field. Any stock parts found will then be shown. You can refine the result by typing more keywords, or by making more detailed choices of Make - Model - Type or Part (-category).

When you click a stock part detailed information about it can be viewed. De information shown can vary somewhat with each supplier. Clicking a thumbnail picture will show it full size.

By filling in the contact form on the details page you can send a price- and/or information request to the supplier. You can expect an answer through email or by telephone. If you want to contact the supplier yourself you can find his contact information 'under' the 'Show contact details' button.